Orscheln Products is the leader in surface finishing in New York and the East Coast.

Orscheln Products is a leader in surface finishing and has products used in New York and on the East Coast.  If your company is located in New York or along the East Coast, turn to Orscheln Products for your customized part and surface finishing requirements.   Orscheln Products is a nationwide leader in providing customized finishing and coating solutions for a number of different industries, such as trucks, military, aviation, and marine.  Many companies on the East coast are affected by salt spray and salt in the air, and Orscheln Products is also able to assist with coating and finishing many different metals in an environmentally-friendly way.  Need to have a marine part that is tested for greater than 1000 hours in ASTM B117 salt spray testing?  At Orscheln Products, we have you covered.  Our coating services come with advantages such as Extended Salt Spray Protection, Hexavalent Chromate-Free systems, Automotive Specifications, and Salt Spray and Cyclic Testing available.  Contact Orscheln Products today and one of our coating and finishing experts will be able to answer all of your questions.