On-Highway Electronic Foot Pedals

Throttle GroupOEM or aftermarket customers that are searching for suspended electronic or floor mounted foot pedals, Orscheln Products designs and manufactures quality on-highway electronic foot pedals with the customer’s needs in mind. On-highway electronic foot pedals are designed to provide a better product to the customer and ease the operation of on-highway vehicles. Orscheln Products designs and manufactures each foot pedal with the capability to feature longer-life and programmable sensor for on-highway applications. Orscheln Products manufactures electronic foot pedals for off-highway applications such as aviation and agricultural equipment, as well as electronic foot pedals for heavy duty applications such as semi trucks and buses. To make the operation easier for the user, Orscheln Products designs hall-effect sensor technology into the on-highway electronic foot pedals. Some Orscheln Products sensors are a better fit for your on-highway equipment than others. If you are curious which electronic foot pedal you need, contact a member of the Orscheln Products Sales Team today to place your order.