Is your company needing custom surface finishings? Check out the services offered by Orscheln Products.

At Orscheln Products, we offer top-notch Painting and Plating services to our clients in one convenient place.  We offer a wide variety of choices, with over 49 individual specifications to take care of all types of surface finishing requirements.   Orscheln Products also is capable of developing custom surface finishes.  Orscheln Products only uses high quality materials, including Magni paint , offering 18 different choices of paint colors!  We want you to have access to our “one stop shop” and take advantage of our ability to customize our surface finishes to your needs.

Orscheln Products is careful to protect the environment in our plating and painting operations.  Our company is committed to take small steps in our work flow to ensure a big effect on the ecosystem.   We reduce our water usage up to 99% by triple counterflow rinsing, and use an eco-friendly 8-step water purification system.  This not only helps the environment,  but it provides for a greater quality product.

Contact Orscheln Products today for all of your custom service finishing needs!