Electronic Smart Actuators for Heavy Duty Vehicles

Actuator2-300x300If you an OEM or aftermarket customer searching for a electronic smart actuator for your heavy duty vehicle, Orscheln Products is an global leader in the electronic smart actuator industry. During the design and manufacturing process, engineers keep dependability and quality in mind to ensure that OEM and aftermarket customer’s needs are met.

Orscheln Product’s electronic smart actuator for heavy duty vehicles is designed to feature:

  • a motor controller with J1939 control protocol
  • the motor feedback utilizes a hall-effect sensor that is designed to provide accurate reliability and feedback on positions
  • “High Output” actuator motor design is intended to provide a mechanical output force up to 150 pounds of force and a positioning accuracy of 0.050 inch
  • 3 inch linear shaft output can be set up for either direct mount or remote connection via a control cable
  • and much, much more!

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