Electronic Shift Actuator Systems (ESAS) for On-highway Applications

ESAS (2)OEM and aftermarket customers often come to Orscheln Products for quality parts and services. Orscheln Products is a global leader in the electronic shift actuator systems industry because during the design and manufacturing process, Orscheln Products keeps the customer’s high standards and requirements in mind. Orscheln Products Electronic Shift Actuator Systems (ESAS) for on-highway applications are designed to feature the following:

  • Electronic motor actuator with integrated motor controller: Simplifies electrical connections; integrated motor controller increases actuator reliability
  • Motor feedback uses Hall-Effect Sensor: Increased actuator reliability due to non-contact technology feedback sensor
  • “High Output” actuator motor design: Provides sufficient strength to pull out of park position at temperature extremes
  • Linear shaft output: Actuator can be set up for either direct or remote connections via control cable
  • Sealed actuator design with heavy duty metal enclosure: Actuator can be located anywhere and is suitable for heavy duty applications

To learn more about Orscheln Products and their electronic shift actuator systems, follow this link. If you are ready to order a quality electronic shift actuator system for your on-highway application, contact a member of the Orscheln Products Sales Team today.