Custom Surface Finishing Services from Orscheln Products

Surface-Finishing1-300x269As a global leader in motion control systems, Orscheln Products offers many different finished goods and components to customers all over the world. In need of custom surface finishing? With over 49 different specifications, including many Ford® and GM® specs, many of Orscheln’s customers are provided with custom surface finishing services they require. However, if a customer has an application that requires a spec for greater than 1000 hours in ASTM B117 salt spray testing, or has any other custom needs, Orscheln’s Plating and Painting Department is able to develop a custom solution. In addition to providing custom surface finishing services, Orscheln Products also features industry-leading Magni® paints that come in the standard silver and black, as well as 18 other colors to provide a truly custom finish for Orscheln’s customers.

For more information about custom surface finishing services from Orscheln Products, please contact the Sales Team.