Custom Surface Finishing from Orscheln Products is the best way to get the job done on time and up to specification.

If you are needing to get surfaces finished to certain specifications in a timely manner, Orscheln Products may be the fit for you. With over 49 different specifications to cover all your corrosion and surface protection needs, you want to be sure that your Custom Surface Finishing is done by one of the leaders in the business. We only use the best materials for our Custom Surface Finishing, and with Magni paints you have 18 color options rather that the standard silver or black.

Worried about the effect on the environment? Well you don’t have to with Oscheln Products. Our process is eco-friendly and uses up to 99% less water than many of our competitors. So if quality, time, and a low impact on the environment are important to you when looking for a custom surface finishing solution, then contact us today to learn how we can help your company!