Custom Part Fabrication by Orscheln Products


Custom Part Fabrication by Orscheln Products. Looking for custom part fabrication? Orscheln Products, a global supplier offering a broad range of motion control products, also provides custom part fabrication and surface finishing. From milling and lathe work to plating and painting, the experienced professionals at Orscheln Products have everything you need to complete your project under one roof. Our commitment to high quality and timely, friendly customer service makes Orscheln Products an international leader in custom part fabrication.

Orscheln Products employs eighteen large volume, high-speed, multi-spindle lathes that produce custom, high quality parts quickly and efficiently. For more specialized or intricate parts, Orscheln Products uses seven computer controlled lathes with live tools to produce custom parts with intricate designs. But fabrication isn’t the end of the line for your custom parts. Let Orscheln Products provide plating and painting for your parts to protect against corrosion.

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