Custom Aircraft Control Systems for the Pacific Northwest by Orscheln

Orscheln supplies custom aircraft control systems in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon and California) and nationwide. Orscheln’s experienced staff knows that space and weight are a few of the major considerations for aircraft applications, which is why Orscheln specializes in custom designed aircraft control systems. From design to delivery, our aircraft applications are supported by skilled engineers, designers, testers and service staff to help ensure that your custom aircraft control system is precise and delivered on-time.
Here are just a few of the aircraft applications Orscheln offers:

  • Throttles
  • Parking Breaks
  • Landing Gears
  • Flight Surface Controls
  • Cargo Release
  • Wheel Lock
  • Power Feed Cables
  • Oxygen Control
  • Trailing Wire Antenna

Click here for more information on Orscheln’s aircraft applications. At Orscheln, we strive to meet our customer’s expectations. If you’re looking for custom aircraft control systems in the Pacific Northwest, contact Orscheln’s experienced sales staff today.