Benefits of In-House Surface Finishing from Orscheln Products

Orscheln Products provides in-house surface finishing through its 47,000 square foot facility at the Orscheln Products headquarters in Moberly, MO. Orscheln’s customers receive quality services by relying on Orscheln to handle surface their finishing in-house, including the following:

  • Orscheln      utilizes industry leading Magni® paints, which provide a wide range of      colors to suit customer’s needs.
  • Orscheln      Products offers over 49 different specifications in corrosion protection      and surface finishing.
  • Triple      counterflow rinsing helps to improve quality and can reduce water usage by      almost 99%.
  • Coating services      can include sealers for increase salt spray protection.
  • The full surface      screw machinery provides machining, plating, and coating services,      allowing Orscheln Products to provide customers with completed parts,      without the use of secondary operations and outside processing.

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