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Orscheln™ and Felsted™ control cables are available F.A.S.T. The Orscheln F.A.S.T. cable assembly program consists of tooling, equipment, components, and factory training and support. It gives a distributor the capability to custom make thousands of different variations of control cables to satisfy customer needs.

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F.A.S.T. assembly distributors use the same 100% OEM quality components that are used for production:

-Push-Pull Cables
-Park Brake Cables


-Staking Dies
-Engineering Drawings
-Mandrels and Tools


-Hydraulic Crimper
-Cutting Saw
-Ream and Strip Machine
-Pneumatic Test Table
-Color Coded Parts Bins


-Core and Conduits
-Hubs, Rods, and Sleeves

Factory Training and Support

-On site at Distributor Location
-Certification Training
-Factory Training Classes
-Marketing and Sales Support

motion control systems

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