Orscheln Products Plating and Painting Department can deliver.  There are over 49 different specifications to cover all your corrosion protection and surface finishing needs.  If you need a Ford® spec or a GM® spec we probably have it for you.  Need to spec a part for greater than 1000 hours in ASTM B117 salt spray testing?  We have you covered. Orscheln Products can even develop a specification to meet your custom needs.

Orscheln Products features industry leading Magni® paints that not only come in the standard silver and black but also over 18 different colors.  This truly allows Orscheln Products to be your one stop shop as we make, plate and finish your components to the specification you choose.

Some people think that plating and painting is hard on the environment.  Not the way Orscheln Products does it.  Orscheln Products has a commitment to being eco friendly as shown by simple things like using triple counterflow rinsing that both improves quality and reduces water usage by almost 99%. Orscheln Products also uses a new eight step, state of the art, automated water purification system.

To go one step further Orscheln Products gives customers the option to use of a hex- and trichrome free passivation replacement known as EMC™. Along with its environmental advantages, EMC™ can enhance your corrosion protection, tie-coat adhesion and heat tolerance. Orscheln Products is one of only two North American licensed suppliers of this advanced surface finish.                                                             Please click on the link below to learn more about the EMC™ technology and its benefits .

The plating, service, and commitment you get with Orscheln Products helps you get your job finished on time and in spec.

EMC™ Surface Finish

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